Southeast of Colorado Springs and next to Fort Carson is an area of Colorado overshadowed by the Springs, but no less in history and beauty. The Fountain area boasts the same views of the mountains but stays close to its prairie roots. The Bluestem Prairie Open Space is comprised of 650 acres of protected prairie lands, full of hiking and wildlife viewing. The Prairie is at the heart of the suburb on the edge of the open plains.

The Ute Tribe of Native Americans were the first to settle the area, but with two creeks flowing through the lands, white settlers found the water sources a good place to set up a town. It became popular with trappers who set up trading posts along the Fountaine Qui Bouille or “bubbling springs,? giving the area its name. It?s said to have once been a part of the Pony Express. The Post Office is still one of the oldest in the country.

Today, visit the Fountain Valley Historic Museum to learn the rich history of this area, including a famous train wreck known as ?The Blast.? The area?s location is like living in the country while looking at the Front Range, the perfect combination for the quiet life with access to urban fun in Colorado Springs.

New neighborhood developments have room to grow in this prairie landscape, which means schools and services will grow along with them. Growing families who like wide open spaces and access to the outdoor life will love making this area home for a long time to come. Come explore this promising valley.

Zip Codes: 80817, 80911, 80925

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